Lederhosen Owners

Guidelines for Lederhosen Owners

Beer festival of the highest order may look like all fun and games but it can only be that for the ones who know and have learned the proper ways and hacks of the festival. Anyone who has attended the festival even once knows how much the costume means to the locals, especially the lederhosen for men and dirndl dress for this festival.

Genuine leather Lederhosen:

Genuine leather Lederhosen does not come cheap, so if you are spending a good amount on this thing, it is best that you read these guidelines for keeping your lederhosen in the wearable condition the first time or even later in life when the occasion demands. These lederhosen outfits are made from authentic leather and can last a long time. It was passed down generations in the olden times and Bavarians still pride themselves on antiquated Lederhosen.

As the price tag indicates, genuine leather demands a few considerations. Authentic German leather lederhosen is available on sale in lederhosen for sale store and is offered in great deals. If you still have not ordered one, you can rush and get yourself one authentic leather lederhosen in three days. Once you get your hands on your choice lederhosen, you must remember the tips for its keeping.

Hanging Not Folding:

It is imperative that you hang it as soon as you get it because folding causes creasing and you cannot iron out the creases from genuine leather. The same goes for packing lederhosen, it is best to carry it on a hanger than folding it in luggage because it does lose its crispness that way.

If You Must Fold:

If for some reason you cannot keep it hanging and must fold it for packing you must not pack it with too much stuff. Try and give your leather lederhosen some breathing space. That way it might not get too tough a crease and will be able to straighten out once you reach Munich and hang it.


Don’t put other accessories in the same bag as your men German clothing because the buckle from the belt or some other garment’s zip might damage leather irreparably. So either keep it in a separate bag or put such things in a smaller bag and then place them in the same suitcase. The embroidery on your leather lederhosen needs to be protected as well so fold it inside out.


You must remember that you cannot machine wash or even hand wash your leather attire, so any stains of food or beer still that don’t blend in must be cleaned with the spot cleaning so that no other area needs to be affected.


Too much sun exposure can be a little damaging for leather but you don’t have to worry about that as you will probably be spending your time inside the beer tents. But sun exposure means that do not let it out to dry for any reason in direct sunlight. Bring back your Lederhosen for it will remind you of the great memories you made and also be a souvenir of Bavarian culture. Just keep it in a hangar, till next time.