Privacy Policy

Any user contacting our website is completely protected and all the information collected or provided by the user through our website is strictly secured and managed under our rigorous privacy policy, which is simpatico with internationally recommended terms and conditions. We care for your privacy at the maximum. Only visitors’ IP address is recorded initially and no personal data is gathered. In case an order is placed the necessary information provided by the customer is stored in complete security supported by the world’s best software. This data is required for the purpose of billing and delivery and incisively used. Any details obtained from the customer are never utilized in any manner for any other purpose. The customer’s data is never shared with any third party whatsoever. Your data may be used for our website analysis or promotion merely with your clear consent. We fully understand the importance of the security and protection of your sensitive data, especially which involves bank transactions. The nature of the internet open data (which is not encrypted) traffic cannot guarantee complete security for email, online chat etc. But our website is loaded with the globally renowned multi-level best security and protection software. Your bank account information and/or credit card encrypted data is protected through proven (SSL) Secure Socket Layer technology. You feel safe and comfortable doing any transaction with us.
Note: We are offering free shipping but incase of order return, the shipping cost of $19 will be implemented.