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Traditional Bavarian Costumes for Men

The timeless lederhosen costume remains a trendsetter for men attending the world’s famous German beer folk festival for many generations. Original and authentic lederhosen or trachten fashion for men doesn’t just look great on native Bavarians, but also on those guys who wish to flaunt a “classic” Bavarian look in such German festivals. After all, all those who love to booze and dance during this festival need to dress properly and appear stylish. At Lederhosen for Sale, we bring the best quality, authentic and comfortable fitting German outfits that every fellow needs to make a noticeable impression on the locals attending the festival. As you explore our men’s category, you will find trendsetting lederhosen suede leather pants, Traditional Bavarian shoes trendy lederhosen checkered shirts, and vests. Our selection varies based on seasons. You can choose from long leather pants, short, or knee-length. Surf through this category and be sure to choose from a wide selection of Lederhosen for men from our online store.

Go Casual or Classic with Authentic Bavarian Lederhosen

Lederhosen costume comprises original leather breeches. The style of the outfit originates from Germany and was often worn by the local German men who went on fields to proceed with tedious labor. Made out of genuine suede leather, they often come in knee-length and short versions. To complete the costume, you have to pair it with checkered or plain shorts and leather suspenders. Lederhosen exceeding the knees or slightly below the knee are the bundhosen. Bavarian shirts featured are available in bright checkered colors, including green, red, blue, purple, and more. Our range of lederhosen comprises various colors including black, brown, light gray, charcoal black, rusty tobacco, light brown wood, and the list goes on! If you wish to add a sober touch to your celebration, choose options that come with plain shirts. Know that our shirts vary in sleeve length, so if you wish to go for something casual, you can choose short-sleeved versions. However, for a Bavarian look, our advice is that you should choose long-sleeved checkered shirts and you can always roll up the sleeves. The lederhosen featured here is available with intricate and elaborate embroideries, plain variations, and more. They come with suspenders and you can choose from our sets. For a vintage look, we recommend that you choose from our embroidered range.

Lederhosen Socks

We also have a broad range of lederhosen socks with unique patterns. Made out of 100% wool, the selection we have in store for you are ideal for all seasons. Pair these with lederhosen shoes and complete your authentic look! You can also choose from our two-piece Loferl sets (ankle length and calf warmers). This year, give your Oktoberfest look an impressive spin and choose from our captivating range of lederhosen available at the best prices. These are sure to grab attention and transform your look. Don’t forget to choose from vests, shoes, hats, and other accessories to set a new trend!