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Men’s Traditional Bavarian Bundhosen

Bundhosen or Knickerbockers have a long standing tradition. They were worn in early times, rooting back to 18th century France. They were known as “Culotte”, what we call knickerbockers now or the leg wear – leathery, close fitting shorts. Later native Alpine took on the trend and started wearing the knee length lederhosen for their work. The elegant versions were considered as appropriate wear for festive occasions. The leather used for crafting these knickerbockers was generally acquired from animals as sheep and goats, since the upper class families considered it a privilege in wearing the clothing crafted from hunted animals.

Bundhosen Today

Bundhosen have been a part of the German wear for a long time until the lederhosen short took in. Even now, Oktoberfest festival has more men in bundhosen then lederhosen short. Bundhosen cover more skin and has more detailing as compared to their counterpart. Suspenders are a must to wear with bundhosen while authentic lederhosen short can be worn without them. Yet, you still have the choice to wear your lederhosen style in the length and color you want and it will still look the best!

The Details on Bundhosen Make the Game

Lederhosenforsale loves the feel of Bavarian spirit and therefore, our German trachten involves tradition mixed with passion. Our Bavarian bundhosen are the perfect price of Oktoberfest outfit that you need to purchase. Our online store is full with a variation of color and style, but it’s up to you to find your favorite one. The leather we use is high quality cow suede leather and guarantees to stay as your loyal companion for a long period of time. Bundhosen are available in various tones of the natural shades (black, dark brown, camel, green and others).Most of our bundhosen have extraordinary and exceptional embroidery on the bib along with colorful seams. To add more tradition and final touch into our style, we have used Staghorn buttons.

What to Wear With Bundhosen

Just like lederhosen short and dirndl, you can pair German bundhosen with anything you like. You can combine a close-fitted traditional checked trachten shirt and look very royal and elegant, or pick on a casual trachten t-shirt and look chic and perfect. A comfy trachten sweater of a trachten jacket will be the perfect look for chilly Oktoberfest evenings. The look is further rounded off with a tradition German socks and shoes. Oktoberfest bundhosen guarantees to bring out the classy yet subtle look out of you on this hip and happening Bavarian festival. For a more individual touch, consider adding on a dark green trachten hat and look stunning!

When Else You Can Wear Bundhosen

Bundhosen are a certain part of the Oktoberfest celebration and is seen almost in every beer tent of Munich. Yet, smaller festivals and costume parties are also the ideal occasion to get your Oktoberfest outfit out. A major credit goes to our craftsmanship and quality of leather, no matter how often you wear it, the beer splatters won’t affect your loyal companion. OUR TIP: Pick a dark brown bundhosen from our online store and pair it with a white trachten shirt!