Lederhosen, Oktoberfest and Covid ‘19

With summers comes the excitement for Oktoberfest, celebrations and festive attires comprising of lederhosen for men and alpine hats. During this time demand for cheap lederhosen goes up, lederhosen stores get busy with the increase in customers and sales, people purchase lederhosen online, in lederhosen stores and try to find good deals on lederhosen for […]

Three Top Trends For this Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is one of the most popular Bavarian festivals and it is all about celebrating the traditions. When it comes to traditions it is equally essential to follow the trends. With all the craze of Oktoberfest, it is most likely that all the best quality Lederhosen will already be taken up before the event starts. […]

Four Steps to Bring your Old Lederhosen into Life

It’s been ages since this festival took place for the first time, and the traditional Lederhosen has gone through many transformational stages to blend with the latest trends of fashion. However, the real essence of Oktoberfest and its manifestation of true Bavarian culture has remained the same in all ages and the love for Lederhosen […]

Oktoberfest Hats & German Alpine Hats

Oktoberfest Costume: When we talk of Oktoberfest costume it is essential to complement it with the right Alpine hat as no Oktoberfest dress is complete without the German-style Alpine hat. As impressive as its name, this hat has been created by taking inspiration from the Tyrolean region. The name and shape are created on the […]

Why Online Purchase of Lederhosen is a Smart Option

When Oktoberfest is around the corner Munich can be seen at its best, bustling with the throngs of traditionally dressed tourists and locals all set to celebrate the largest beer festival in the town. From lederhosen to dirndls makes their best to be attired in their own unique way adding colors to the celebration. All […]

Oktoberfest: Enjoy more, spend less

Munich’s most popular festival tradition starts around mid of September every year and last till first weekend of October. It is recommended to reach there by September before it gets crowded as a huge number of people all around the world start arriving late September. However, it does not matter much when you are all […]

Common Mistakes While wearing Lederhosen

When you are all excited and set to be a part of grandeur Bavarian culture and the magnificence of Oktoberfest, lederhosen will be your top priority. While shopping for the Oktoberfest costume most people tend to make few mistakes that can actually end up in a disaster. Apparently, it may seem to have unlimited options […]