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Do’s and Don’ts of Oktoberfest Costumes for girls

For the first-timers attending the festivals a lot of information is available in general but no specific guideline is there for women .There is very little information about the norms of wearing trachten .In this post, we will cover all the possible aspects that can be helpful for all the women out there, ready to […]

Don’t Mess up with Dirndl When Wash – A Handy Guide to Wash Dirndl


Don’t Mess up with Dirndl when Wash – A Handy Guide to Wash Dirndl The peak time of Oktoberfest festivities is full-on. When it will pass by everyone will keep their outfits and accessories safe. Real leather’s authentic lederhosen and original women dirndl must be washed before you keep it safe. So, you will be […]

Why Dirndl is Most Copied Dress in the World?

Dirndl is Most Copied Dress in the World

Undeniable Importance of Dirndl Every region in the world is effortlessly recognizable by the class of outfit that was traditionally showed there. From the ‘kimonos’ carried in Japan to the ‘sarees’ wrapped in India, from the ‘skirts’ of Scotland to the ‘pueblos’ of Mexico, these attires were, and stagnant is, synonymous with the ethos of […]

5 Easy Ways to Tie Dirndl Effectively for Stunning Looks

5 Easy Ways to Tie Dirndl Effectively for Stunning Looks

Introduction It is all about style to wear attire. Everyone can buy an outfit but some can comes to fit into few. Everyone can own a dress but some have the ability to present. Well, dirndl looks like a fairy or kind of princess dress. This dress seems to be famous since the German movies […]

Which Side Should You Tie The Dirndl Apron Knot?


Undeniably, dirndl stands out as the most flattering Bavarian clothing for women that ever exist! Regardless of the traditional folk event or festival that you wish to attend in Munich or Germany, you definitely need one. Every woman looks stunning and gorgeous in this Bavarian dress. The lederhosen also has the same impact, transforming your […]