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Identifying Genuine Bavarian Lederhosen

Oktoberfest and Genuine Lederhosen

Oktoberfest is a festival that takes place all around the world but it originated in Bavaria and to date, the biggest and most exhilarating show is organized in Munich where it took place the first year. It was the celebration of a royal wedding which later came to become a beer festival. Nevertheless, the tradition […]

Oktoberfest: Why Is Genuine Leather Lederhosen A Must?

Lederhosen For Sale Image

Aware of the saying, ‘when in Rome…’? There may not be a more compelling reason to get yourself genuine leather lederhosen, for Germans take their culture as seriously if not more than the Romans. So it is best to follow suit. Oktoberfest is not just a festival about beer and amusement, it is the celebration […]