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Authentic lederhosen Women- Style and Quality

Authentic lederhosen Women- Style and Quality

“Nothing feels like real leather,” and nothing is better than wearing authentic Lederhosen.  Authentic Lederhosen is traditional clothing in German-speaking countries. They are leather breeches that are either short or reach the knees. The longer ones are commonly referred to as “kniebundhosen” or “bundhosen.” These garments, known as tracht, were once a staple of the […]

Lederhosen and German Men Clothes

Lederhosen and German Men Clothes

Men’s German clothing in 19th-century Europe remained more or less the same. Working men would wear clothes that could endure long cold hours of the day and withstand dirt and dust. Their attire was revolutionalized when farmers from central Europe invented leather breaches. These leather breeches, also known as lederhosen became a representation and pride […]

Types Of German Leather Breeches


Bavarians brought leather into fashions centuries ago. Even today, they are worn and used by the bavarian community in their daily activities. You can see farmers wearing pants on their daily chores or locals and tourists pairing them when attending German culture festivals. Origination Bunhosen originated in the late 18th century. Leather was discovered as […]

How to Choose The Perfect Accessories with the Oktoberfest Costume for Men

Oktoberfest in US

Lederhosen Suspenders to give Classic look: The classic lederhosen look is completed with Hosentrager the traditional suspender. The front embroider strap is an amazing add-on for your costume as it gives an additional trendy look. The H-shaped bruststueck (front strap) with the crisscrossed placement on the back gives a very classy finishing if adjusted properly. […]

Where to buy Lederhosen when Oktoberfest is Near You

Oktoberfest and Lederhosen

Anyone who has ever seen the pictures of the Oktoberfest, if not had the chance to actually attend the grand affair, is bound to be aware of the traditional aura of the event. Part of the charm is in the eighteenth-century attire, Lederhosen which the men adorn for this festival. So one cannot plan to […]

Lederhosen – A torn Trend to Tie above Toe


Lederhosen is a dress worn by men in Germany, for their traditional festival which is celebrated in October of every year. This festival is known as Oktoberfest. This festival is celebrated for the whole month of October. People use to drink beer for a whole month to refresh the memory of their king. This is […]

5 Steps to Easy Stitch of Lederhosen At Home


Lederhosen is not a big deal to stitch at home if you know how to handle a sewing machine? With the help of the sewing machine, you can even print the embroidery of your own choice onto your favorite lederhosen for men. Men can better do that because the leather for the lederhosen is heavy […]

How to Dress up For Oktoberfest 2019?

How to Dress up For Oktoberfest 2019?

Introduction: Almost everyone tries their best to celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich in conventional Bavarian attires (trachten). So, you must take part in such activities to wear traditional cultural costumes with Bavarian touch. Dressing in a detailed manner will let you enjoy and blend in a better cultural feel in the Okto-season. You should not feel […]

Few Facts about the Festival Oktoberfest – You will Curious to Know


1. History Oktoberfest is the traditional festival of the city Bavaria belongs to Germany where people still celebrate the traditional rejoicings of the drinking beer in the conventional way that is preserved since 1810 from the time of the Crown Prince Ludwig later became King Ludwig 1. When he married Princess Therese, they were likable […]

A Beginners Guide to Buying Authentic Lederhosen


Are you planning to attend Oktoberfest this year? If you are, then know that you need to consider investing in authentic lederhosen. Oktoberfest is incomplete without this must-have costume, which ensures that you blend in just like the locals! If this is the first time you plan to buy the iconic Bavarian leather trousers, then […]