4 Best Lederhosen Colors for This Oktoberfest

Best Lederhosen

Oktoberfest is a centuries-old festival, but that does not mean that it has not evolved over the years. It would not have survived the test of time and wars and plagues if it hadn’t been for the resilience of the Bavarian blood which knows its root and is firmly anchored in its traditions while still being progressive enough to accommodate the vogue trends and fashion. From the introduction of rides and wine tents to the children-friendly environment, this fest has all been covered with advancing time.

It may appear simple to dress up for a vacation, it is not like there is decorum or rules for your attire at the festival but it may interest you to know that you can go wrong with it when it comes to Oktoberfest. The line between tradition and fashion is a thin one, and one must tread carefully to fit in or stand out depending on what your preference is. Here is one basic color guide for your lederhosen that should cover all you need to know this fall.

Best Lederhosen Colors:


The original authentic Lederhosen color is brown as the Bavarian farmers used the leather of cows and goats and their natural color was brown. You may find hundreds of shades of brown-colored German Lederhosen for sale because the original color hardly ever goes out of fashion. So if you wish to just blend in and pay tribute to the local tradition, get yourself German Costume from the brown family.


There are not many color options to play with when it comes to authentic leather, for you don’t want to get red or purple and lose all the seriousness of the outfit. It was the attire of the hardworking farmers and muscled workers, so it needs to maintain the vibe. Grey and its variant shades are not just masculine sober color but also are very chic for your night outings.


You cannot go wrong with black and that stands true for leather men German clothing as well. Black connotes bold and apart from its slimming effect, works well with almost all colors of shirts, plain or checkered. Although not part of the traditional color palette of the Bavarians, it became a fashion trend soon in the posh circles of nobility and has never been out of fashion ever since.


The latest trending color in Oktoberfest 2019 is green Lederhosen. The most common shade of green that you will be able to find on an online lederhosen store is forest green, which is almost the darkest shade of green and like its name, reminds you of nature. Another advantage is that beer spills or any other stain will blend right in on this color. Although it does not open-color choices for your shirt as much as black Lederhosen will, it does open up for quite experimental color choices. So if you don’t want to be just another traditional Lederhosen wearing tourist, go green this fall and have fun at the festival with a little flair.