5 Oktoberfest Truths That First-Timers Wish They Knew

Germany Oktoberfest Opening

In this time of easily accessible data, it is hard to sit through and discover the truth from the make-believe about Octoberfest. The information about anything is gathered by conscious reading as is accumulated from the images and advertisements that one encountered so it is not hard to understand when people have as exaggerated ideas about things as they were portrayed in a film or other social mediums. Let us consider the information that is generally understood about Oktoberfest like it is just a beer and a traditional German clothing festival. No, there is a lot more to it.

Family environment:

As much as it is advertised as a large frat party, Oktoberfest is a family affair for locals and tourists alike. You will see people bringing kids of all ages and there is even a lost and found office for children on the premise. There are a lot of things to do with your family apart from food. There is a grand funfair with lots of rides and games.

Drindl Fashion:

The pictures of Oktoberfest may have you believe that short, scanty traditional dirndl is all that anyone wears but the reality is a little different. It may interest you to know that Drindle’s are normally worn a little lower than the knees, if you want to blend in, otherwise to each their own.


Generally, Beer maids make on average 10% of the total sold items but that does not mean that you should not tip them the usual amount. For starters, you would find it hard to get their attention a second time as they are swamped with calls so keep some cash at hand and tip well.

Apron trying signal:

Women tie their aprons with a bow and the position of the bow right, left, center, and back each conveys a different meaning. Know this information well enough to remember it while drunk. The bow on the left means that the person is looking to socialize, right side bow is an indication of a woman either committed or just not interested so respect that. The bow at the back means she is either a waitress or a widow so steer clear. The most interesting signal is the center bow, which indicates a willingness to explore whilst being in a relationship.

Beer Tent rules:

Dancing and standing at the table are not allowed and you will be thrown out of the tent so be careful with how much you drink and where you dance. Dancing on your bench is appreciated and enjoyed so have fun in your space and respect the establishment.

Name Pegs:

There is this small clothes peg that they engrave your name on called Weisn Glupperl, that you can wear. A cool souvenir of your memorable vacation.


Last but not least and something no one will tell you about, your place will smell like yeast, and nothing will work so learn to live in it while the fun lasts.