14 Exciting Things about Oktoberfest Everyone Should Know

Oktoberfest 2019 Fun

Autumn celebrations do not mean much to the rest of the world but in Germany, they sure know how to keep themselves warm with dance and fun in the face of approaching winters. If you don’t know what this is about, you are missing out on the world’s biggest party. So here are some exciting things about Oktoberfest costumes that everyone should know about.

Exciting things about Oktoberfest:

  1. Oktoberfest starts in September and ends on the first Sunday of October. Although it used to be in October the days got colder and organizers wanted people to have a couple of weeks of festivities so it got pushed back to September. This year it will be 16 days long.
  2. It is essentially a beer festival and there are 14 large main tents that have a seating capacity of more than 10000 people. The seats are mostly booked in advance in all the big tents, as the music and beer are top-notch in these establishments. There are smaller tents that are less rowdy and loud and easier and fun to tent hop.
  3. The beer served at this festival has some conditions. It has to be brewed locally, as within the city limits of Bavaria, otherwise, it is not allowed to be served. Four major beer companies mostly serve in this festival but each company has a single tent, so you cannot taste all brands of beer in one tent. You would have to tent hop.
  4. They really do serve the best beer in the world. It is much stronger in terms of alcohol content. It comes in one-liter mugs and no less and it is not cheap.
  5. There are non-alcoholic drinks available at the festival for the people who are there just for the music. But truly what is the point?
  6. There is a wine tent, especially for the ones who don’t do beers.
  7. Nobody can drink beer until the Mayor of Munich taps the first keg.
  8. Vomit-proof sneakers have been introduced by Adidas just for Oktoberfest.
  9. It is not just a beer festival, it has a lot of other things to offer like rides and food. Contrary to common belief, it is a quiet kid-friendly festival with funfair style entertainment. The official times of the festival are from 10 am to 1130pm.
  10. There is a Red Cross tent and more than 100 restaurants set up for the festival. There is even a pop-up post office for the period of the festival.
  11. There is a lost and found not just for stuff but also there is a lost and found kid’s office on the premise as too many beers have known to contribute to such happenings.
  12. Beer mugs of the festival are the most prized souvenir and each year thousands of mugs are retrieved from sneaky customers.
  13. , Einstein worked at the Oktoberfest as an electrician.
  14. There is no entry fee to this 204-year-old festival, where the costume is authentic lederhosen for Oktoberfest which you can easily get online to celebrate the Bavarian culture.