Food Guide to Oktoberfest 2019

Oktoberfest and Foods

If you have your trip planned, your bookings done, an authentic German Lederhosen ordered and your Beer stein ready; you still are not prepared to have the time of your life at the Munich Oktoberfest. As anyone who has searched for information about this particular festival knows that it is one of the oldest festivals that has continued to shine through the ages, is because of its strong historical and traditional significance as a relic of the Bavarian culture.

However, the world’s best beer is served here so that might have contributed to its success as well. As much as the attire is part of the culture, food is another distinguishing feature of any area, so if you happen to visit a place with such rich history, it would be downright foolish to not try the traditional cuisine at the event. You may be able to order your authentic lederhosen for men at home but the food is something that can only be experienced in its authentic form when you visit old Bavaria.

Now you cannot just go and try foods and hope that it is the best that Munich has to offer. There are almost 140 restaurants serving at the Oktoberfest. The large Beer tents have a wide-ranging menu along with the famous Munich breweries and the food stalls are set up throughout the gardens for your discretion. This guide here tells you the foods that you must not come back without trying because they may be a big part of your whole experience in Oktoberfest men outfits.


The Bavarian-style roast chicken is the most popular and well-deserved popularity it is. Not just delicious and succulent but is one big serving and is available in tents and on a stall outside the tent for your beer-infused bellies to soak up a little.


The weird combination of pretzel and beer is hard to fathom but is a delight that Germans and tourists follow alike. The pretzel is better than you have tasted and beer, well you have to be there to know what the rave is about.


It is the pork knuckle and comes in humongous serving and can be eaten cold because it tastes just as good. The Bavarians are proud of this generous cuisine and hence it is imperative to try it.


Gebrannte Mandeln

Basically, a snack, served outside tents, on stalls. It is roasted almonds sometimes coated with sugar or chocolate. You can smell them from miles away, and once you have tried them you will find yourself craving more and more.


Fish on a stick. Roasted seafood is another one of the Bavarian specialties that must be tried out, especially once you have tried all meats, sausage galore, and rich gravy food. Seafood comes as a natural choice for a lighter meal.


A personal favorite, as no one can beat the Germans at baking. This beautiful apple dessert is what fall is all about. Served with ice cream or vanilla sauce and can be found both on the stall and inside tents under the desert heading.