Suede Leather and German Lederhosen

Suede Leather and German Lederhosen

It is important that one respects the tradition but it is equally prudent to take advantage of the advancement of time and age for comfort and convenience. Such is the debate of lederhosen’s authenticity measured on the scale of genuine leather and where suede leather fits in. Lederhosen is the traditional dress of the people of Bavaria and it becomes the attire of a whole bunch of people in the fall nearing the Oktoberfest that takes place in Munich every year.

Authentic Lederhosen was always made from leather, may it be cowhide, goatskin, or the premium quality of deerskin leather. However, nowadays suede leather has become quite the rage for its ease and durability. It is quite soft to put on and yet has that masculine texture and strength to survive time and duress.

The pants are not only comfortable but also lighter in weight than the cheap lederhosen that is sold off as leather but is not correctly treated and hence becomes a problem to carry. They are not even decent to look at. Suede, on the other hand, is not only lenient on the skin while providing protection from the weather, but it is also smooth and smart to look at. It gives the decent and formal look that genuine men German clothing is meant to exude.

Suede Leather:

However, genuine leather Lederhosen should always be considered as the first option when looking to buy for the Oktoberfest. It is too huge an event to settle for the second option. Genuine Lederhosen provides you with the comfort and grace that is well worth the dough spent. If you are a big fan of suede then suede shows are quite the vogue this season as they go perfectly with the leather Lederhosen while being not too formal for the festival.

So it is important that you get yourself the best lederhosen costumes for this festival along with the accessories like socks and jackets to prepare for the unexpected weather changes. Normally the weather is pleasant during the day, nights get chilly but genuine leather helps you keep warmer than suede leather. Similarly, traditional Bavarian high boots made of leather are much more suitable to wade through rain and snow and keep your feet warmer than any other modern shoes.

So it might be true that modern times have invented smoother, nicer versions but the beauty, grace, and strength of the original products can never go out of fashion. You can only appreciate the sleekness of the suede leather and the sturdiness of a genuine pair of lederhosen when you try on each. Otherwise suede works for most as they are unaware of the feel that genuine leather lederhosen exudes. Besides the leather is forever, as it has stayed in fashion over centuries, who knows when suede goes out of fashion, you don’t want to waste good lederhosen as they might not make it to your next trip to Oktoberfest.