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Styling Lederhosen: Tradition and Trend

Any outfit that you put on has something to say about your life, experiences, and even the mood that you are in. We might believe that we put on clothes without thinking at times but that too can be argued as an automated system of styling that is conformist with the outing you plan to make and at the same time being as originally yours as any well thought out outfit.

However, the styling of the attire is not as authentic as we might want it to be, because it is picked up from society’s decorum and some from the bombardment of images we encounter every day in this simulated world of the digital era. So it is safe to assume that we have a general background knowledge about each accessory and its proper occasion to be brought into play and hence it can be followed or rejected to make a certain meaning out of your choice outlook.

With Halloween coming up and other autumn festivities calling, let us educate you a little about the tradition and trends of the hottest European attire this time of year, the Oktoberfest men outfits. In order to put an outfit together that is foreign not just in material but also comes with its own brand of history and custom, you need not some but a lot of basic knowledge to be able to make the right style statement.


Traditionally, lederhosen is made from genuine leather and hence carries the heavyweight, outdoor, masculine connotation because of its somber color and rich texture. Germans usually wear it with a white button-down shirt to add the gentleman meaning to the whole comfortable virile outlook. It also makes it more formal. As they say, the devil is in the detail, the authentic lederhosen has a lot of detailing that needs delving into, but it is important to know that the embroidery and the style of the flaps and suspenders all were meant to pay tribute to or show belongingness to a certain region.

Styling of Lederhosen:

Now coming to the recent trends in the styling of Lederhosen, it is imperative that we take our guide from the pros of attending the Oktoberfest in Munich. People recently have experimented with the shirt color and style a lot, because since it is a vacation, the need to dispense with the formal look makes sense. So men have been pulling off the traditional German clothing with sweatshirts even. Another important change in style has been to replace suspenders with big buckle belts that serve the purpose of holding the leather pants up, that might have loosened up with use, and have big motifs that make a similar statement as suspenders while being far more comfortable than suspenders.

Lederhosen for sale has made it much easier for you to choose a look for yourself with the perfect blends of tradition and trend that are available in complete package deals so you can just sit back and enjoy the event with the right kind of look.