Best Ways How to Wear Lederhosen in Oktoberfest 2019

How to wear Lederhosen

With September rolling in, Oktoberfest is on everyone’s mind, especially the ones who are lucky enough to be able to make it to the event. Oktoberfest may be all the rage because of its beer, music, and partying but that’s not all to it. This festival not only has a long history but also a prominent position in Bavarian heritage. A royal wedding took place at the Theresienwiese gardens that involved horse racing and celebration of the regional customs which was later turned from an anniversary celebration to an annual beer festival.

However, the festival is a revered custom in Bavaria and locals take it very seriously. Hence tourists take great care to dress and act in accordance with the tradition and enjoy the event in as genuine an experience as possible.

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German outfit men may appear a challenge to pull off at such a huge gathering, especially if it is one’s first encounter with the attire. So here are a few tips to make you settle into your authentic Lederhosen and at the same time earn the respect of the locals. Authentic German Lederhosen is made of leather, so one of the most important things is to not experiment with the color much, locals usually go for the natural brown tan of the leather, black, grey, and dark green even might be used but it is best to avoid brightly colored dyed Lederhosen.

For men, the other important factors in attire are shoes. A leather dress is complemented well with the leather/suede shoes, may it be loafers or chukkas, to complete the kind of look you want to put forward; may it be a casual party look or the rugged outdoors look, the shoes have a lot to add to the statement you want to make with your Bavarian attire. Another decision that you have to make with regards to accessorizing is the socks, as varying lengths can be seen adorned by the event participants, from knee-high to ankle socks. But it falls on personal preference as well as the weather as in the olden days the socks were worn long to keep the legs warm as well.

 Suspenders, embroidery, and length, of the German Lederhosen you decide to buy, are factors that need to be considered. Although suspenders are not opted by the recent wearers of Lederhosen costumes, they are part of the Bavarian look along with the embroidery, which too use to have more meaning than just a motif.

Shirts are the final part of the attire and are the only part that has been successfully experimented with by the tourists. Traditionally, the Bavarian custom was a white plain, button-down shirt but people can be seen wearing patterns, mostly checkered, in varied colors to spice up the look.

Last but not least a huge beer mug, is the most endearing accessory to your authentic Lederhosen German look and the mandatory tool for your Weisn experience. So gather all that you need from online lederhosen stores that have authentic Lederhosen for men on sale, or go shopping in the streets of Munich and you will get to learn more about the people and heritage of the region.