A Guide for Tourists

Oktoberfest on a Budget: A Guide for Tourists

Vacations are meant to relax and unwind, which is only possible if you have done proper research and planning for the whole thing to go smoothly. Although spur-of-the-moment plans tend to be more exciting and spontaneously fun, they have a risk of going off rails very fast. It is worth taking the risk if you know the place but when it comes to traveling to foreign countries, it is best to make a plan and stick to what you know.

Events like Oktoberfest have such large attendance that it can be a total waste of money, time, and energy if you just decide to wing it last minute. But first, get yourself a wonderful Authentic German Lederhosen to give yourself the feel of the event. Order online with Lederhosen for sale and get it delivered in 3-5 days in the U.S at the most affordable prices possible.

Guide for Tourists:

Being one of the largest festivals in Europe, it is not cheap to attend but is truly worth an experience. There are a lot of tips to enjoy the trip on a budget however, it requires planning and research. Let me give you a gist of research done by an avid planner.

1. Book in Advance.

Hotel bookings are expensive, especially near the Theresienwiese so it is best to look for places a little off the center but closer to the train stations. This way you would not have to walk or take a taxi to your place (especially after if you have had one too many). Other options are camping or AirBnB which can be cost-effective.

Another important booking that you have to make is the tents, otherwise, you may end up spending time getting in and out of more happening tents. Another way is to arrive early and save yourself a spot in the one you like as people start rolling in around lunch.

2. Food is expensive, and so is beer.

So it is important that you chart out your average spending on food and drinks and try sticking to it. There are lunch deals as dinner is expensive so try and take advantage of that if you don’t want to cut your trip short.

3. Cash or credit?

In Oktoberfest, cash works best. So keep your euros inv paper, otherwise, you will waste your time in ATM machine lines. Cash is efficient in tents as servers don’t have to go back and forth with cards. Plus when the cash runs out, it is time to hit the hay for the day.

4. Security

Although it is pretty safe in Munich, you can be your worst enemy, so keep your hotel address written somewhere on you, in case you are lost or disoriented.

5. Safe drinking

The beer in the festival is specially made for the occasion and has a higher percentage of alcohol, which means you will get drunk faster, so slow pace your drinks, enjoy the music, and few snacks in between. Non-alcoholic drinks are also amazing.

6. Funfair

Contrary to the popular idea, Oktoberfest is more than a beer festival, the funfair is another part of the festivities that it has to offer so don’t forget to go around and check out the Bavarian food and culture stalls as well as the fun rides.