Which Side Should You Tie The Dirndl Apron Knot?

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For several women across the globe, Oktoberfest remains a most awaited festival. Being the largest beer festival that takes place in Munich, it attracts thousands and millions of tourists and locals alike who travel to taste the most exquisite and famous beer pints. The festival is all about dancing, singing, drinking beer, and of course flaunting your elegant dirndl dresses.

When wearing their dirndl, many women wonder about which side they should tie the apron knot or bow. This may sound unusual, but where you tie, the apron knot will tell others about your marital status. If done wrong, this can attract some unwanted attention.

When you attend Oktoberfest, here is our guide on what your dirndl apron knot discloses about your marital status.

1.    The Knot or Bow on the Left Signals “Good Luck” for Men

If you tie the bow on the left side, this gives men the clear signal that you are single and ready to mingle and they can go ahead and try their luck. It also shows that you are open to some flirting when drinking in the beer tents and look forward to it during the festival.

2.    The Bow on the Right Shouts “Stay Away, I’m Taken”

In Germany, it is a custom that married couples wear their wedding or engagement ring on their right hand. Hence, an apron knot on the right side of your waist will mean that you are in a relationship or married and other men should stay away. It signals others that you are happy with your partner and not available for any relationship.

3.    The Bow in the Middle Shows You are Single

When you tie the Dirndl apron knot in the middle, it shows that you are single and a virgin! So many women, especially tourists are not aware of the meaning of tying the bow in the middle and soon receive some unwanted attention from men who are drunk. This leaves them with nothing but disappointment, especially if they are not single.

4.    The Apron Bow at the Back Says You are a Widow

Tying the apron knot at the back gives men two possible explanations. It means you are either a widow or a waitress. This depends on the situation and most men try to assess it before they end up offering some tip to the waitress, or consider condoling a widow.

When you attend Oktoberfest the next time, you should keep this guide in mind and tie the knot on the appropriate side, especially if you want to avoid attracting unwanted attention!