A Beginners Guide to Buying Authentic Lederhosen


Are you planning to attend Oktoberfest this year? If you are, then know that you need to consider investing in authentic lederhosen. Oktoberfest is incomplete without this must-have costume, which ensures that you blend in just like the locals!

If this is the first time you plan to buy the iconic Bavarian leather trousers, then definitely, you must have countless questions in your mind. After all, when you begin your hunt online for “authentic” lederhosen, you will find several options that have various price tags on them. At such times, if you have no clue on what original lederhosen should be like, then you are sure to find it difficult to know whether you are making the right bargain for quality or not.

Before you buy your Bavarian lederhosen, our advice is that you should go through our guide on buying German lederhosen. If our advice sounds convincing, then rest assured that you will find the best options and styles at affordable prices here.

What’s an Authentic Lederhosen?

You need to know that authentic lederhosen are not simply pants made of any quality leather. Yes, lederhosen mean leather pants, but you should know the difference between cheap and original options. Nowadays, several online stores sell lederhosen made of felt, imitation leather, and other types of fabrics. You need to avoid those options because they are uncomfortable and look ridiculous.

When searching for original or authentic lederhosen, the best quality ones are made of deerskin. Deerskin leather is the most aesthetically appealing and softest type of leather. It ages well and as a beginner, you can rest assured that we only have original quality Lederhosen For Sale. You can also go for goat suede, which offers an authentic touch and good value for your money. Keep in mind that goatskin offers the same thickness and weight as deerskin leather, but it lacks the fine finish.

The Design Elements You Should Look Out For

When hunting for authentic lederhosen, you need to look out for some essential design elements. In our online store, we only have original options in store for you and the features that make our lederhosen authentic include:

  • A front button-flap over the fly with intricately embroidered details
  • Matching leather suspenders
  • Rear (right side) pocket
  • Button down or lace-up finishes surrounded by decorative stitches on the outer thigh
  • Elaborately stitched pocket or a knife pocket on the right side thigh
  • Buckhorn style buttons for a secure fit

In addition, you should know that authentic lederhosen comes in various lengths, which range from knee-length, mid-thigh, and longer variations.

The Color Options

When it comes to the color of Oktoberfest Costumes, this depends on personal preference or taste. However, our advice for you is to choose from light to medium browns as your very first pair. You can also choose black lederhosen for a sophisticated touch. Our assortment boasts an array of other colors too. You can go for lighter ash or darker colors depending on your choice.

For your first pair, stick to natural cool colors, and you are sure to blend in just like the Bavarian locals!

We hope that this guide should help you with your first purchase. Of course, if you need any help or further information to help with your decision, you can contact us today and we will be happy to help you!