Wear Your Men’s Lederhosen the Bavarian Way


Usually, the classic or the traditional style lederhosen for men features genuine leather trousers, leather suspenders, and a checkered shirt to complete the “Bavarian” look. The genuine lederhosen has strong leather suspenders that you can sling over your shoulders and join them across your chest to keep them firmly in place. These featured in our inventory all have chest panels with embroidered details, with either floral details, or alpine scenes.

When you wear this classic costume, you should know that the braces are an integral part of the entire traditional costume look, and a pair of lederhosen without these is not actually an authentic one. Now, when you attend Oktoberfest in Munich, or in any other country, you will see that several men pair their costume with suspenders.

There are some reasons for this, and we would like to explain each one of them, so read on below!

  • The very first reason why men choose leather suspenders to complete their look is that the leather shorts look incomplete without these, and it draws the right amount of attention to the checkered shirt. However, when you wear the H-shaped suspenders, they look great with the collar-checkered shirts we have in our inventory, and you can pair it with vests, jackets, or simple tops. For the local men of Bavaria, wearing their suspenders is an important fashion element, so you should follow the same trend and pair your lederhosen with these!
  • The second reason is the comfort that it provides, and how it keeps the leather trousers fixed as they loosen up and become wider upon longer wear. During the festival, Bavarians prefer this because they don’t have to worry about adjusting their trouser while they enjoy their beer.
  • In fact, wearing a checkered shirt with suspenders is a sure way to show that you are not a tourist. It helps you to blend in well like the locals, and you can add some other fashion elements to your costumes like a neckerchief, lederhosen shoes, socks, and a wider variety of shirts. Just make sure that you don’t bend the rules, and you should not try to combine your costume with other accessories that would look off.
  • You should also consider wearing suspenders with your bundhosen rather than the longer variations of the lederhosen. This is because it adds a more native touch to the costume and keeps your appearance like a local.
  • The traditional Haferlshuhe or shoes for lederhosen are comfortable and durable, so you have to wear these with your Oktoberfest men costumes and coordinate it with the right color options that match your costume. With the shoes, you can have long socks (Haferl) or the two sets (Loferl).

At Lederhosen For Sale, we have everything in store to help you pull off the classic Bavarian look, just like a local of Bavaria! Explore our collection and you will find the best quality lederhosen at the best prices. Choose from various checkered shirts, available in different colors.