Bundhosen: Where and How it Came About

Bundhosen_ Where and How it Came About


One of the things you can enjoy when in Germany is its culture and heritage and its cultural dresses like bundhosen, lederhosen or dirndl. Germany, mostly consisting of Bavarians, has a rich culture and history. One of their most popular events is Oktoberfest, a beer-drinking festival where you will find most men and women in traditional attire such as bundhosen and dirndl.


Oktoberfest came about in the 18th century when the Bavarian Prince was getting married. This marriage in a strong European family would strengthen the Bavarian Kingdom. Locals celebrated this occasion by drinking and dancing for up to two weeks. This became such a successful event that locals decided to celebrate it every year.


Men’s German clothing originated in the 18th century. Due to the growing demands of the industrial revolution and urbanization, men needed more comfortable clothing to cater to the difficult working conditions and labor which required a lot of physical movement.
Inspired by the french culottes which were in fashion at the time, Bavarians decided to infuse it with a leather suit to create lederhosen.


Lederhosen being the primary version, a more extended version of the pants was made, one which was below the knee known as bundhosen. The longer trousers allowed for work in cold conditions and keeping legs clean if the man was kneeling or bending.
Later on, other features such as embroidery and color shades were introduced. Shades such as browns, greys, and blues were used. Blues were rare and worn only during special occasions. ​
The synthetic leather used in men’s German clothing proved to be very useful as it would protect the wearer from harsh environmental conditions and was easy to wash and clean. The durability of leather was remarkable and stains and dirt could quickly be dusted away.


Bundhosen became popular when noblemen and royals started to wear it. This was so that the royals felt more connected with the locals and won their hearts over. Not only did this make the leather pants a fashion statement but it was convenient to wear for sports and other outdoor activities.
As these leather breeches spread across Europe, so did their popularity. Men’s German clothing started a new era in leather pants.


Lederhosen and bundhosen remained in style for only a few decades. As jeans emerged, so did their growing use. They were more comfortable to wear as compared to leather and could be easily washed. You could also work in warmer conditions due to the breathability of jeans offered compared to leather. Not to mention, jeans were the American fashion wave hitting the European continent back in the day.

Where to buy

Tradition men, german clothing can be easily found online on websites such as www.lederhosenforsale.com being one of. You can also explore retail shops or boutiques in Munich itself right before their festivals begin.
Nowadays you can find leather breeches in many styles and lengths with modern fashion trends implemented to make them look more appealing.