Choosing Between Bundhosen and Lederhosen

Choosing Between Bundhosen and Lederhosen

Men generally prefer not to put too much thought into their clothes. But when it comes to German men and their traditional outfits, they like to choose for the occasion. There are two types of men’s clothing: bundhosen and lederhosen.


Men’s German clothing has a long and rich history regarding its origin. They were and still are very popular in the Bavarian regions of the continent. Traditional German clothing is worn for birthdays, weddings, funerals, and famous annual festivals.

Main Difference Between Bunhosen and Lederhosen


Lederhosen translates to ‘leather trousers’ in German. They are leather pants worn as the traditional German garment in German-speaking countries. The main distinction between the two is that lederhosen are shorter in length, usually knee-length and they were worn during special occasions as mentioned above.


It is the same garment however it is longer and reaches below the knee of a person. They are more popular now as compared to lederhosen due to the latest trends in fashion.

Where to Wear Your Leather Breaches

Choosing men’s German clothing depends upon the time of the season. In winters, it is more suitable to wear bundhosen while lederhosen is preferred for other months of the year. They are most popularly worn during weddings in modern-day Bavaria.

Another important event is Oktoberfest. Primarily a beer festival, attendees are expected to show up in traditional German clothing. Oktoberfest occurs during the autumn months. Since the weather is quite pleasant, men generally prefer to wear lederhosen more. This is because it was the original attire worn to Oktoberfest back when it was first discovered and the following years. Now it does not matter as such, as long as you show up wearing your leather breeches.

Your Style and Preference

Everyone has their own style and preference. Some men prefer to wear full-length trousers while others wear both short and long trousers. Lederhosen is perfect for those men who like to give their knees some air while bundhosen suits men who are more comfortable in full-length trousers.

Where to buy Men’s German Clothing

These days you can find plenty of websites that provide you with traditional german clothing. For lederhosen, is a good option.

If you are not the type of person to shop for clothes online, then there are plenty of boutiques in Germany where you can find traditional clothing to your liking. They also provide them in a variety of shades which are usually browns and greys. They also come with embossed embroidery which can add a bit more personality to your leather breeches. These embroideries were used to identify clans and tribes in old Bavaria.

Other Accessories

These leather breaches are usually worn with a cotton or wool blouse, leather boots or shoes, and a leather hat. These provide comfort and convenience for farmers who are most likely to wear lederhosen when working.