Lederhosen And Its 200 Years old Origin Story

Lederhosen And Its Origin Story

What is Lederhosen

Lederhosen ( properly pronounced as lay-duh-how-zn) originated from the working class in Bavarian communities more than 200 years ago. They were worn by farmers and laborers during their daily activities. The leather lederhosen would provide impressive endurance when worn by workers for outdoor or physical activities.

Lederhosen and Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is one of the most anticipated events in Germany and most Bavarian communities around the world. It is a beer and wine festival which has been happening for the past 200 years.

Oktoberfest is a funfair that started from the celebration of marriage between the Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Since then, it has been a 2-week long celebration with drinking, dancing, and preservation of the Bavarian culture and community. Many Bavarian or German communities who have migrated to America or other parts of the world celebrate this exhilarating event.

If you have been to one of these events or plans ongoing, you must have noticed the leather lederhosen men wear to the event. That is because men German clothing is the unofficial dress code in most Volkfests happening around the world.

The French made culottes very popular in the 18th Century, resulting in men integrating this statement in their leather lederhosen which made them easier and more satisfying to wear.

Lederhosen Wearibility

Although initially, leather lederhosen was worn by Bavarian men in mountainous and country-side communities, they became a popular choice of accessories for other leisure outdoor activities. Germans started using them in activities such as hunting and horseback riding. Eventually, the idea spread, and German lederhosen was endorsed in many parts of Europe.

Somewhere in the 19th century, pants and trousers came into fashion, and German leather lederhosen became more of attire for the working class once again.

For the preservation and admiration of the Bavarian culture by the government of Germany, the country started reviving old cultural traditions including Oktoberfest and German men’s lederhosen. This made a statement of appreciation for the German working class and how they are the face of Bavarian history.

The German lederhosen became such a prominent fashion statement that is worn by any man celebrating Oktoberfest all around the globe. Soon, just like the kilt in Scotland, the German lederhosen became a cultural statement for Germany.

If you are fascinated by the Bavarian culture and have a level of appreciation for it, you must be thinking; is it offensive to wear the German lederhosen? Absolutely not. Other than a fashion statement, it is a very useful accessory that is used all around Europe in-country or mountainous regions. It is still very much worn by workers who carry out strenuous outdoor activities.

Durability and Tradition

Lederhosen provides protection from harsh weather conditions and is comfortable to wear for everyday use. The leather makes it very easy to clean dirt and dust off after a long day of work. Lederhosen also protects your thighs and legs when you are riding or hunting.

Traditionally, lederhosen were for men, but now you will see many women rocking the German leather accessory in cultural events. And honestly, it looks amazing!