celebrate Oktoberfest

Top 5 places to celebrate Oktoberfest (Other than Germany)

Top 5 places to celebrate Oktoberfest (Other than Germany)

celebrate OktoberfestOktoberfest is a two-week festival held at Munich, Germany. This two-week long festival is awaited by millions of people across the globe. According to statistics in 2019 Oktoberfest was attended by 7 million people. Founded by the Germans this festival is celebrated throughout the world including India, Canada, China, Columbia, Argentina, United States etc.

Oktoberfest is a festival that is not to be missed at any cost. With the festivities at its peak Oktoberfest starts off with a parade and the tapping ceremony of the beer barrel performed by the mayor, followed by a church service and a concert as well. The food and music are also among the highpoints of the festival. However, for the last two years Oktoberfest hasn’t been able to celebrate due to the prevailing pandemic, but here we have the best 7 places Oktoberfest has been celebrated, that is still recollected.

Kitchener, Ontario Canada:

After Germany the largest festival of Oktoberfest is celebrated in Kitchener Waterloo. This festival is celebrated with full zeal and zest for 9 days. Tourists from all around the world are dressed according to the tradition. Lederhosen men and the women in their traditional dirndl and lederhosen women are seen participating with enthusiasm and gusto in all the activities including barrel races, breakfasts and even a Miss Oktoberfest event.

Cincinnati, Ohio:

The Oktoberfest of Ohio commences with the race known as the “Running of the Weiners” which is a thrilling sight for the spectators. Several Dachshunds dressed as hotdogs are seen participating in the game. Oktoberfest in Cincinnati is the most exhilarating festival and has secured a place in the Guiness Book of World Records for the “Chicken Dance.” Oktoberfest has become a tradition in Ohio where people are allowed to take half day from work. A store of lederhosen men has also been opened in Cincinnati as well to promote the national dress of the Germans, as people love to dress up in the costume.

Fredericksburg, Texas:

A small town in Texas, Fredericksburg comes in the list of the best celebrated Oktoberfest’s. A number of artists from different states are given the opportunity of displaying their art work. Moreover, beer samples from at least 50 different brews are also available. Amongst several activities the most exciting is the dirndl and lederhosen contest of the families. The family with the best lederhosen gets amazing prizes. Although there are different lederhosen stores but people mostly in order to get the exclusive and trendy dress order lederhosen online.

South Africa:

With the traditional food, the best beer samples and music the Oktoberfest of South Africa is one of the top places to visit. Dressing up is one of the features of the festival and the best dressed lederhosen men will be crowned as the King Ludwin.

Gdansk, Poland:

Poland comes in the list where Oktoberfest costumes is worn and celebrated with devotion and fondness. Gdansk serves the best traditional food including sauerkraut, pork chops and sausages. The whole staff is dressed in the traditional costume and Gdansk organizes the biggest beer event, so you don’t need to go to Munich to experience the world-famous Oktoberfest.

These are the places where Oktoberfest has been celebrated to the fullest with passion and fervor. In order to savor the whole festival, people mostly prefer to dress up according to the function. If you are interested in winning the competition for the best dressed you can visit the nearby lederhosen stores offering the latest designs of every size. If you are looking for something unique you can always order from the nearby state, you can always get Lederhosen online on special discounts and in deals.