Oktoberfest 2021

Celebrating Oktoberfest 2021 in Corona Times

Oktoberfest in Corona

Covid and Oktoberfest 2021

Covid has hampered Oktoberfest 2021 but how can you still celebrate it? September and October are those months that many wait for the whole year to join the festivities of Oktoberfest. In fact, it’s not just the Oktoberfest fans that wait eagerly for this time of the year but also businesses as they see an influx of locals and tourists gathering to celebrate this traditional event.

However, this is the second year in a row that the festival has been cancelled in Munich – the place of origin of Oktoberfest. Last year the businesses had already been deprived of roughly more than 6 million people that gather in Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest and consume approximately 2 million gallons of the traditional Bavarian beer. Once again, these businesses are worried about the loses that they might incur due to the cancellation of this 16 days long event second year in a row.

However, the picture is not all that bleak. There is good news! As many people this year have decided to dress up in their Oktoberfest men costumes, dance to the Bavarian music and consume their local beer no matter how much social distance and precautions they might have to observe.

As a result of this enthusiasm of the Oktoberfest 2021 fans to make sure the festivities take place this year many businesses have come up with virtual events. For example, Paulaner, a brewery brand, is organizing a series of virtual events on Instagram and Blue Point Brewing has organized Zümfest (pronounced as zoom-fest) where there will be many activities for the Oktoberfest 2021 fans from online traditional arts and crafts classes to lessons on how to make beer cocktails.

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Many people in Munich have made plan of having small number of vaccinated friends and family members over, dress up in authentic German lederhosen for men and celebrate Oktoberfest 2021 by drinking traditional Bavarian beer, listen to Bavarian music and dance to the traditional tunes.

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