Oktoberfest in US

Oktoberfest in US – Fredericksburg, Texas

Oktoberfest in US – Fredericksburg, Texas

Oktoberfest in USFredericksburg is celebrating its 40th Oktoberfest this year. While there might not be any two accents as different as German and Texan, the town has a very rich German heritage as evident from its architecture, food and the commitment to celebrating its rich German history. The Society for the Protection of German Immigrants founded this town in 1846. Its named after Prince Frederick of Prussia. This is the place where the “Texas German”, also known as Texasdeutsch originates from, which is a hybrid language spoken by the German immigrants living in Texas.

With its rich German history and commitment of the German immigrants to keep their heritage alive, Oktoberfest is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm in Fredericksburg. During Oktoberfest there are huge selections of German and Bavarian foods, drinks, and music being enjoyed by not just people with a German heritage but also fans of Oktoberfest outfits from around the town. Many men come dressed up in authentic leather lederhosen.

This year Oktoberfest is being celebrated with much more enthusiasm than before. Primarily to makeup for last year when it got cancelled due Covid 19. The demand for authentic lederhosen that had taken a dip last year has gone back up as many people are looking for lederhosen for sale both on the online lederhosen websites as well as in the physical marketplaces.

While many people, especially the ones who have gotten vaccinated are planning on dressing up in lederhosen for men and going to the Oktoberfest in person there are still some who are reluctant about going to crowded places because of the fear of catching Covid 19 and therefore, they plan on celebrating Oktoberfest via joining the virtual parties that are taking place across US.

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