German Dirndl

Do’s and Don’ts of Oktoberfest Costumes for girls

For the first-timers attending the festivals a lot of information is available in general but no specific guideline is there for women. There is very little information about the norms of wearing a trachten. In this post, we will cover all the possible aspects that can be helpful for all the women out there, ready to sit for an amazing experience of Oktoberfest.

Where to buy dirndl:

Most of you may think that it’s an easy job, but it is not so simple to look for a quality traditional dirndl dress. As most of the dirndl that is available at cheap prices lack quality. If you compromise on quality for a few pennies it can actually ruin your look. A cheap quality dirndl can be noticed from miles away and small savings can cost your fun. Speaking of good quality dirndl, it does not mean only an expensive dirndl will give you a picture-perfect look. You can actually avail of the sales in shop or online by keeping track of all the reliable sites offering good quality dirndl. It is recommended to look for it a few months before you head for Oktoberfest, as it will buy you some time for choosing the dress of your dreams.

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Dirndl comes in three separate pieces: the skirt, white blouse, and the corset but it is recommended to buy a full costume instead of pairing it up separately. This will save you time that you will need coordinating three-piece of dresses and will offer a perfect combination at many affordable prices.

Tying the knot:

While wearing a traditional dirndl the knot of your apron is the representation of your relationship status. A knot tied on your left means you are single, while the knot tied on the right side of your apron indicated you are married and the knot tied in the center of the back indicates a widow.

What accessories or purse to take?

In the festival where you are all in for fun, it is not recommended to carry a purse as half of the time you will keep worrying about the safety and it is likely that a good amount of beer will be spilled all over it while dancing. But as the evening approaches you will need a scarf or cardigan due to stay warm when you are outside. For that purpose, a small handy kind of cross bag will do the job to keep the scarf or cardigan in it.

Most importantly do not forget to enjoy the festival. The festival is all about singing, dancing, making new friends, and enjoying the cheerful evenings.