How to Choose The Perfect Accessories with the Oktoberfest Costume for Men

Oktoberfest in US

Lederhosen Suspenders to give Classic look:

The classic lederhosen look is completed with Hosentrager the traditional suspender. The front embroider strap is an amazing add-on for your costume as it gives an additional trendy look. The H-shaped bruststueck (front strap) with the crisscrossed placement on the back gives a very classy finishing if adjusted properly. The right adjustment of lederhosen plays an important role in complementing your overall costume. If you look for the cheaper lederhosen it can be super annoying from an adjustment point of view and will make you uncomfortable all time. So, it is important to invest in good quality German lederhosen if you really want to have a classy and eye-catching appearance.

Traditional Shoes:

While attending a fun-filled festival you cannot ignore the right choice of shoes. Oktoberfest is all about traditions and most Bavarian men prefer wearing traditional shoes called Haferlschuhe(half shoes). The half shoes are a blend of casual work boots and formal dress shoes. They are trendy, comfortable yet traditional. Another modern alternative is brown leather tracht sneakers that resemble a lot of the half shoes. You’re smart above the ankle hiking shoes can also be the cheap alternative. However, wearing sandals or open shoes are a big no because it has certain safety risk such as debris and broken glass of beer can cause a great injury

Bavarian Socks:

It is amazing to know that the fashion details for the Oktoberfest accessories do not let anything go unnoticed. Generally, people wear cotton socks with stripes or checkered patterns but woolen socks can also go well. However, the trendiest combination is pairing your cotton bootie socks with matching Loferl(a woolen mid-shin leg warmer)

Jackets & Vests:

To give an original Bavarian look well-designed vest or wool collarless jacket is a must-have accessory. While wearing a traditional vest also known as Prien it must be taken care that it should be worn with a leather belt instead of suspenders with lederhosen. The tract tie can perfectly complement your Prien and it can be worn plain or assorted with a metal tie ring to give an extra fancy look. Button up woolen cardigan sweater can be a budget-friendly replacement for it.

Alpine Hats:

Wearing a hat can definitely spark up the look but it is not a must-have accessory for the festival. But if you choose to wear it, make sure not to look ridiculous by ending up buying a Halloween hat as a cheap alternative. There is a fine difference between a Halloween hat and an Alpine hat. Unlike Halloween hats, one size fits all. A real Alpine hat will be soft to the touch, slightly flexible, and are sized very comfortably. A taller hiker-style Alpine hat is preferred as it has more room for hat pins and feathers.

Charivari chains:

You can spice up your Oktoberfest costumes by adding Charivari chains. Chains often come with hanging coins or hunting animals, especially stag. It can be attached to your lederhosen or vest. If the chain is connected with a pocket watch it is no more a charivari but a Mieder. Knowing the exact terminology can make your online shopping easier.


These handkerchief ties are a very basic fashion accessory and do not requires much effort to carry as they are basically just a bandana tied loosely in a double knot with the knot side facing forward. Nowadays small handkerchiefs placed as a pocket square are more common than the long ones.