5 ways of how to wear a dirndldress for your Oktoberfest festival?

How to wear a dirndl dress for your Oktoberfest festival

Dirndl for Oktoberfest comes in countless forms, from the traditional to the contemporary. There is no “correct” way to dress, although generally, you will prefer to wear comfortable shoes and a dirndl that touches your knees. An outline of the most important costume suggestions and ideas for a woman’s Oktoberfest ensemble may be found below.

1. Traditional dirndl and Lederhosen Women

During the Munich Oktoberfest festival, women usually wear a white blouse under a dirndl dress that fits them well and has an apron tied around it. The bodice and skirt of a Traditional dirndl dress can be worn attached or separately.

Modern lederhosen women’s garments are gaining popularity while keeping their historical roots. The formerly plain Bavarian dirndl gowns now feature intricate designs, a rainbow of colors, unique embellishments, and a blend of different styles.

2. Dirndl Length

An authentic pair of lederhosen for Oktoberfest is available in different lengths, but they usually go below the knees. Traditionally, long dirndls are worn, which remain above the ankle. The middle-length dirndl reaches below your knee, and the short dirndl is tailored a couple of inches above your knee.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which of the three dirndl dress lengths you select because they are all common and appropriate, but most Bavarians choose one that ends below the knee. The lederhosen women’s attire can be a little stuffy and heated, and the length can be uncomfortable for dancing or stepping over chairs within tents.

4. Aprons and Bow Styles

A true dirndl has an apron covering the front, which is tied with a bow. Since women frequently wore dirndls as everyday attire, the apron was necessary to keep the garment clean and free of wear. Traditional dirndl dresses often have cotton or satin aprons, depending on the fabric you like to complement your style.

When wearing Lederhosen for Oktoberfest, the bow’s placement is crucial since it conveys your marital status to onlookers.

  • Tied on the left side shows you are single
  • The right side shows you married
  • Tied in the center means you are virgin
  • It shows you, widow, when tied on the back

5. Shoes, Purses & Bags

The most common footwear is either a standard pair of ballerina flats or a flat with a strap across the foot, sometimes known as a Mary Jane. Local Mary Janes have cleated heels and toes that produce noise when dancing, comfortable rubber soles, and are made of leather.

A small cross body purse is perfect for keeping your belongings secure.

How to take care of your traditional dirndl?

Whichever dirndl style you choose, it’s essential to properly maintain it if you want to keep it in excellent shape. When cleaning the cloth, carefully follow the cleaning directions on the label. Most of our clothing can be cleaned as long as we are gentle when handling it. Numerous items require washing at a low temperature (30°C) and a slow spin speed. To reduce color run and fade, use a light detergent.