Oktoberfest Outfits Outfits for Men

Oktoberfest Outfits: Outfits for Men


One of the most famous stereotypes about Germany is their traditional cultural outfits and dress which consisted of lederhosen for men and dirndl for women. When thinking about the German countryside, people usually come to imagine men in leather trousers and pants which are actually called lederhosen and bundhosen respectively.

The story behind why people wear them is also very interesting. It was considered a necessity long before it became an accessory for costume and festival days.


Lederhosen are leather pants. People living in the countryside during the 19th Century discovered the use of pants made out of leather and decided to adopt them. The idea of pants came from when cavemen used to wear pants made out of sheep or goat leather during winter. In many ways, it made sense. And so Bavarian people decided to adopt this concept too.

Why Leather?

Authentic leather pants are highly durable. They protect the wearer from the harsh winter cold and prevent their outfits or skin from being harmed while working. Moreover, they are waterproof so perfect for outdoor activities.

Despite its popular use, people decided to adopt a shorter version of the pants for warmer seasons. Hence, came bundhosen. Leather holds moisture and it is highly uncomfortable if you get hot during your outdoor sport or work.

Leather is easy to clean and withstand dirt, not letting it pass through. The dirt can be dusted off. Bundhosen is the kind of accessory you can use for a lifetime.

Nobility Adapts Lederhosen

Somewhere in the 19th Century, french culottes became very popular. The concept of leather pants was already popular. Hence the french decided to join these two concepts to create something new and came with leather pants with culottes.

Not only did it look fashionable outfits but the style was adopted by many upper-class men. Not only were they wearing pants that were considered only for peasants. But somewhere along the way, it made the two social classes feel more relatable.

However, the nobility used to wear deer leather which was very expensive. Peasants were expected to wear leather made of goat or sheep which was cheaper but more withstanding of working conditions.

After some time, leather culottes got out of fashion, and leather pants went back to stay with the working class. It was once again considered ‘peasant clothing.

Buying Lederhosen

Lederhosen are usually bought by tourists as Oktoberfest outfits. Although it was an attire worn by men, it is now popularly worn by women who prefer to wear something lighter and easier to manage.

Due to the rising demand for Oktoberfest outfits, German companies are making them in a range of varieties catering to all genders and age groups. This includes different cuts, some new colors, and even lederhosen with and without culottes.