Dress of the Past Makes a Comeback

Dress of the Past Makes a Comeback


We have often read about German lederhosen and dirndl dress in history books. They had become something of the past. That was until recently when a bunch of German designers stated that in old Bavarian traditions such as Oktoberfest people wear these outfits and there should be more emphasis on it.

Not only does it help the average attendee stand out, but people love investing in beautiful german dresses. That’s why designers have made it their mission to provide good quality dresses and revive the German heritage.


Dirndl dress is known as an old and conservative dress meant to stay in the past. However, one can not deny that it has become a popular symbol of the good times and life of Germany’s most thriving era.  

Growing Popularity

The German lederhosen and dirndl are commonly worn during the start of fall at festivals such as Oktoberfest. A decade ago, you would not have seen many men wanting to dress in Bavarian leather trousers or women wanting to strut their knee-length dresses however now it just looks strange if you are not wearing them to the festival.

Concept Behind the Rise

Designers and historians state that the dirndl dress means more than just a costume for beer festivals. Simone Egger, an assistant professor at the University of Munich states that these days youngsters are more confident about what they are wearing. And that includes wanting to revive old fashion and appreciate a state’s culture and heritage.

Continued Popularity

It has now become common to find an article of traditional clothing in almost every Bavarian citizen. And since then, you can see more and more people wanting to visit traditional clothing boutiques in Munich.

Rise in Boutiques

Bavarian clothing brands are also growing and selling more and more items with every passing year. Brands are seeing an increase in revenue by as much as 500% since the early 2000s.

Concept Behind the Dress

Designers have not changed the way the dirndl dress is symbolized. They were originally worn in villages and the countryside of Bavaria and surrounding regions of Austria around the 19th century. Somewhere at the beginning of the 20th century, the concept of this dress meant for servant women changed and they started to become leisure wear for the noble class.

Through the Shackles of History

After the first world war, its popularity decreased due to its speculated association with the Nazis and conservative parties. However, due to fashion and other reasons, it is still popularly liked by Bavarians and has been increasingly accepted by left-wing supporters. This is also because designers have made sure to make the dirndl look more modest with longer hemlines and locally produced fabrics.

German Lederhosen

These leather trousers have always been a popular choice among local men of Bavaria. It was long used as an accessory for work rather than fashion reasons. However, changing times have not ignored the way these trousers can make an ordinary man look.