How to Attend Oktoberfest- For Foreigners



Oktoberfest, which happens in Munich, Germany is known to be one of the largest folk festivals in Europe. It is not just a beer festival but also many other specialties such as German sausages, giant pretzels, and the famous German costumes.

During of Oktoberfest

The festival occurs annually and is held over two weeks out of Munich’s City Centre. Visitors have a wide variety of activities to participate in such as eating, drinking, dancing, and enjoying the added fairground rides and attractions. It is also an interesting event for tourists passing by and wanting to explore the Bavarian culture of Germany.

Oktoberfest usually occurs between September to October and its origin story dates back to the late 19th Century. The concept of lederhosen costumes was introduced sometime recently.

Origin of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest was originally held as a wedding celebration for Crown Prince Saxony Hildburghausen as his marriage marked a stronger status for the Bavarian community.

For five days, the citizens of Munich celebrated by drinking, dancing, shooting as displays, and horse racing.

How it Became Popular

The event was such as success that the Bavarians wanted to do it all over again next year. Sometimes, it would not occur either during the war or some other grievance, but so far has been a solid piece adding to the Bavarian culture and history.

When visiting Oktoberfest you will notice many German outfit men wearing lederhosen, a famous bavarian traditional outfit; while the women their beautiful brindle.

Attire Worn at Oktoberfest

The concept of these Oktoberfest costumes was held in order to keep the German heritage alive. Due to modernization and the after-effects of several wars, most communities in Europe have in fact lost their roots.

Outfits to Wear at Oktoberfest

You can wear the german outfit for men or women, also known as lederhosen and tracht to get into the spirit of the festival. Lederhosen are basically leather breeches and can be found in many European countryside histories. While tracts originated from Austria, it is a special dress worn by the working-class women of Europe throughout history. Initially, housework of the noble and elite used to wear them. Then its appeal spread to the rest of Europe including Bavaria. At one point, royals were seen wearing lederhosen for outdoor leisure activities.

Opening and Closing Ceremony of Oktoberfest

The opening ceremony of the festival is marked by a grand parade which consists of colorful carriages and people wearing their costumes, strolling through the streets of Munich. Many other surprises such as concerts and celebrity appearances are also planned to keep the citizens and tourists of Munich well entertained throughout the 2 weeks.

Timings of Oktoberfest

The best time to visit the festival to avoid overcrowding is on weekdays as the weekends are usually packed and visitors from all over Germany want to visit the festival. General timings are usually 9 am to 9 pm or around 12 hours.