Getting to Know Your Lederhosen

Getting to Know Your Lederhosen

Men’s lederhosen or for females a dirndl, are essential attires to German culture and heritage. They represent the contribution played by the German working class starting from the 16th and 17th Centuries which laid the foundation for what Germany is today.

If you have the opportunity to attend one of the many famous cultural events in the Bavarian community, mainly Oktoberfest then you will notice a lot of attendees paying their contribution to it; Most importantly German Lederhosen traditional German clothing.


Back in the 1600s, the Bavarian Prince-Elector Maximilian proposed that there should be a dress code for various classes of Bavarian society. Differentiating between social classes was a popular concept back then. That is when the German Lederhosen came into being.

Fast-forwarding to the late 18th Century, Prince-Regent Lutipold had a different opinion regarding the traditional men’s Lederhosen and decided on wearing it on several public occasions. This made the attire very popular among both the higher and lower social classes of Bavarian societies.

How it Spread

Men’s Lederhosen were more popularly worn in mountainous and hard climate regions. This public display of appreciation by Prince Regent made the attire popular among city and urban dwellers too, giving the lederhosen a cultural representation stamp.

Today, German Lederhosen are worn by people dwelling in rural Bavarian regions and in the case of Bavarian cultural festivals. You will most popularly find them worn in Austria, where it was worn by famous historical figures back in the day.

How it’s Worn

Leder meaning leather and Hosen meaning pants are commonly worn with a white shirt, pair of knee-high socks, hats, and jackets by farmers. You will find men’s Lederhosen with a hat and shoes made of leather, most popularly in the same color as their Lederhosen.

Oftentimes when working, men would get their hands dirty. They would quickly clean them, rubbing them against their lederhosen, which would do a fine job. The German Lederhosen in return, are never washed.

And why is that? The dirtier the lederhosen, the more history it holds. And the german leather used to make the lederhosen lives up to its durability and flexibility.

How Much it Costs

When looking to buy lederhosen, you must focus on the quality. The prices of the German Lederhosen can range from anywhere between $80 to $140 dollars depending on the time of the year.

The demand for it increases around Oktoberfest month, that is when you will find the best deals. You will be able to find the best men’s lederhosen for a minimum price and genuine quality.

The price of the German outfit men also depends upon the design and where you are buying it from. German stores will provide you with the best range in quality and price.


So when looking to buy the best Men’s Lederhosen, consider looking into German brands and the quality of leather used. Most importantly, remember to wear it with respect owing to the blue-collar men who made Bavarian history.