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Important Steps to have in Mind while Finding Perfect Lederhosen

As autumn comes around, the fall festivities are bound to get you enthusiastic about the coming season. With so many offers and advertisements of all that you may or may not require to fully enjoy the fall festivals like Oktoberfest, it can be a little overwhelming to sort through the shopping necessities, you may be prone to overindulge or might get duped, especially if it is your first time shopping for this German originating festival.

If you plan to attend the huge Oktoberfest in Munich or even the one in your region, the most important part of the whole experience is the costume, aside from beer obviously. You need authenticity for men to be able to fully relish and join in the events of the festival. The oldest tradition of this two-hundred-year-old festival is the Parade that takes place on the first day of the festival in which all sorts of costume wearers, musicians, and bands partake.

Shop for Lederhosen:

The question is Where to buy Lederhosen costumes? From online Lederhosen or sale on Lederhosen stores that pop up in Germany around the festival comes later. First, you need to know what to look for in a perfect authentic German Lederhosen? Here are 5 important steps to have in mind while looking to shop for Lederhosen.

1. Material

The most basic feature of the lederhosen attire is that it is made of leather traditionally. There are options available of imitated leather or synthetic leather which are cheaper as well but the name of the attire lederhosen means leather breeches, so if you are looking for the authentic stuff, deerskin leather is the most sought after and expensive leather lederhosen, which is worth it’s salt because deer leather is not just smoother, softer and more comfortable but also durable and tear-resistant.

However, goat leather and cow leather Lederhosen are also good for use, as the medieval farmers too made them from mountain goat leather as well. So apart from being in the affordable range, it can be considered more authentic Bavarian attire.

2. Design

For the pants, there comes the option of different sizes from ankle length to knee length or even short thigh length depending on the occasion or your preference. In Oktoberfest mostly knee-length pants are the norm, partly because of their convenience and casual chic look.

3. Fitting

The most important thing to remember while buying any leather apparel is that it loosens up with use, so buy the one that is a little on the fitted side as it will eventually settle on you in accordance with your shape. Loose-fitting pants will further loosen up and will look like it’s hanging on to you. Most of this Lederhosen come with a gusset, a small buckle that helps to fit the pant according to your waist.

4. Color

Most of the Oktoberfest costumes come in the natural color of leather brown but black and dark green are among the most commonly liked. As they can be fancied up with the shirt that you wear with it and formalized with a plain white shirt to suit the occasion.

5. Pattern

The embroidery pattern on the front flap is another important part of the authentic Bavarian Lederhosen and hence is best if picked to signify a certain allegiance or cause.

You follow these steps and you will have your perfect Lederhosen. Happy shopping!