5 Steps to Easy Stitch of Lederhosen At Home


Lederhosen is not a big deal to stitch at home if you know how to handle a sewing machine? With the help of the sewing machine, you can even print the embroidery of your own choice onto your favorite lederhosen for men. Men can better do that because the leather for the lederhosen is heavy and thick. So, they know how to handle the heavy stuff.

Well, it is well and good if you know that you have to stitch the lederhosen at home. You can not only make the best of your own choice but can get the matched accessories as per your choice. The point is from where to copy the original lederhosen?

You can browse lederhosenforsale.com to choose the desired authentic lederhosen for your own effort to apply as a sewer.

Here is fine step-by-step guidance – on how to make perfect lederhosen for Oktoberfest celebrations.

Step 1 – Get the Finest Cow skin, Goatskin or Deerskin Leather

Just get the finest Cow skin, Goatskin or Deerskin Leather and let them dry. When these skins are dried then scratch the outer rough leather with the help of a steel brush until the smooth skin comes out. For the original German Lederhosen feel, it is very vital to get any of the above-mentioned leather skin.

Step 2 – Cut a Patron on Cardboard Similar to Lederhosen Cutting

When you are done with the first step, then you have to get a patron cutting of the lederhosen on cardboard. This is just because you can easily cut your lederhosen without any irritation. It will give you an authentic cutting for a perfect fit on the waist of the lederhosen for men. You can have unlike versions of patron cuttings along with giant scissors because original leather cannot cut so easily with local scissors.

Step 3 – Hand-Sew Roughly before Apply Machine

When you are done with the patron cutting you need to sew the lederhosen main objects with the hand sewing needle or common pins. Because it needs a finishing touch such as embroidery and other implementation of accessories.

Step 4 – Embroidery onto Shorts and Wooden Buttons

After a rough standby, men German clothing needs to be fully furnished with graceful, decency, and elegance of embroidery work.  So, on the front parts of the shorts on to the front part of the legs above the knees; it must need some stunning patrons of embroidery which is a keen Bavarian traditional part of the festival. You need to levy the shorts with conventional wooden buttons for a more inspiring look. When done with embroidery then you need to pass by the last step.

Step 5 – At last, Interlinked Every Section to Get Lederhosen

The last and final step includes interlinked every section of the lederhosen must be interlinked. It depends on the shape and design of the lederhosen; if it is simple shorts then it is done in step 4. If it has an H-shaped suspension then you need to sew that extension with the short of lederhosen along with the connection of hooks to wear those suspensions.