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Traditional Bavarian Accessories- The Secret to Looking Alluring at Oktoberfest

The perfect Bavarian costumes remain fashion essentials for people attending the famous German beer festival-Oktoberfest. At Lederhosen For Sale, we offer the ideal (or you can say “authentic”) Oktoberfest look from head to toe with our range of traditional Bavarian accessories. Accessories are more like the icing on German costumes. Choose from our inventory brimming to the top with the latest in fashion accessories that are sure to accentuate your look this Oktoberfest. The eye-catching accessories we have are available in different categories, we assure you there is something in store for everyone!

Bavarian Hats

Bavarian or Trachten hats are an important part of any Bavarian, Austrian, or German outfit, for both men and women. One of the most common styles of the Bavarian hat is the Jaegerhut, which features a slightly pointed crown and narrow brim. Often, Bavarian hats have decorative arrangements of feathers, or games art, a brush-like decoration made from badger hair. The hats for women feature flowers, ribbons, feathers, and charms. At Lederhosen For Sale, we have an array of colorful hats for men and women at affordable prices.

Bavarian Trachten Hand Bags for Women

Are you searching for a stylish bag that goes perfectly well with your dirndl dress? Here, you will be spoilt for choice because of the attractive Oktoberfest bags for women in heart shapes, or other classic styles in different colors. They are also a great souvenir you can carry to the Bavarian festival and add the “authentic” touch to your appearance.

Bavarian Socks

This Oktoberfest, round off your German costume with our range of Bavarian socks. Available in different colors and patterns, they are a must-have when you wear your traditional lederhosen. Pair these with lederhosen shoes and blend just like the locals. At Lederhosen For Sale, other accessories we have include vests for men, jewelry for women, and much more. Explore our online collection here and pick the best choice.