Celebrating the Oktoberfest Festival with Traditional Oktoberfest Men Costume

Celebrating the Oktoberfest Festival with Traditional Oktoberfest Men Costume

Today, Oktoberfest is celebrated worldwide, with several nations adding their own flair to the celebration. Oktoberfest is very much about beer and traditional foods, and breweries are frequently represented in parades and lavish floats that include beer pegs and glasses, with people in traditional Oktoberfest German costumes dancing and skipping around the floats.

The Oktoberfest men’s costumes are more traditional than those for women, making them more straightforward. A white or checkered shirt, leather Lederhosen shorts with suspenders, an Alpine hat, classic socks, and strong Bavarian shoes make up the standard male attire at Oktoberfest.

1. Lederhosen for men

The typical German outfit for men is leather shorts worn in Bavaria, also called Lederhosen (pronounced “LAY-der-hozen”). They are available in dark or light brown and reach the knee. Plattlerhosen is made from black leather rather than brown, extending closer to the knee. Bundhosen, also known as kniebunds, are Capri-length pants that are somewhat longer below the knee and frequently have ties at the bottom. The majority of leather lederhosen pants contain bone or animal horn buttons. Modern-style Oktoberfest men’s costumes come with different thread patterns.

A German Outfit maker will frequently handcraft the more expensive lederhosen from deer leather and stitch them. Deerskin is a far more resilient and soft material than cowhide, used to make less expensive Lederhosen. Elk skin is the most expensive and prestigious, but goat hide can be a strong and affordable alternative.

2. Traditional Alpine Hat

The Oktoberfest men’s costume consists of Alpine hats. Since Munich has a lot of formal clubs where everyone wears the same thing, you will notice groups of Bavarian men wearing the same hat. The most common headgear among these regional groupings is low-profile, spherical, and flat. The higher-style Alpine hat looks better and has more space for souvenir pins and other decorations.

3. Lederhosen Suspenders

Traditional suspenders are combined with shorts in Oktoberfest men’s costumes and fit well enough to stay up on their own. The straps on your back should be crisscrossed, while the front strap breastplate (bruststueck) should form an H across your chest. If you’re wearing a simple outfit, an embroidered front strap on your suspenders is a great way to make it more interesting.

4. Bavarian Shoes and Socks

Men in Bavaria typically wear “Haferlschuhe,” which are ankle-high and frequently have smooth leather or suede on the top and rubber-cleated bumps on their wooden bottoms. As early as the 1600s, farmers working on steep hills were the original target audience for wooden bottom work shoes. The Haferlschuhe are designed to be robust, stylish, and, most importantly, comfortable.

Cotton socks with striped or checkered designs in German outfits are more common for Oktoberfest. The best pair of socks is a low-cut cotton bootie sock worn with a matching mid-shin wool leg warmer placed on your calves.

5. Jackets and Vests

Most older Bavarian men dress for Oktoberfest with a strong vest or a wool jacket. If you don’t want to wear suspenders with your lederhosen, you can wear a classic vest called a “prien” with a leather belt instead.