Lederhosen a German tradition

Lederhosen a German tradition

Lederhosen clothing has a great history, Germans started wearing it in the 18th century. These were mainly worn by the Bavarian workers in that era. Workers like maids and housekeepers used to wear them for work. They used to wear it because of the tough work conditions as it was easy to clean the leather of lederhosen, with beer and pretzels they have become a prominent piece of the tradition.

In the early 19th century the popularity of lederhosen was really not in the market the reason was that people used to consider it cheap and clothes for the lower class people, but at the end of the 19th century the fashion revived and people started wearing it in different occasions and festivals, and these days the modern day lederhosen has a stronger impact.

A fashion symbol:

Mainly originated in Austria and Germany it is also a part of Italy and Switzerland’s culture. People did not use to wear them but recently they have gotten into fashion and a lot of people are wearing them.

A very well-known traditional German clothing lederhosen for men and dirndl dresses for women are very much in fashion these days, portraying the history of the tradition of Germany.

Also called “leather breeches” lederhosen 

Are knee-length shorts and are worn in part of Germany as traditional German clothing. Types like bundhosen and kniebundhosen are usually long and not that common.

How to wear lederhosen:

Lederhosen would never give the right look unless worn with something underneath. Legwear must be worn which should complement traditional German clothing. You can also wear thick socks or woolen socks instead. It should be fit and tight as it is made from leather it should not be a baggy one.

Buying lederhosen of deerskin is a lifetime investment as they are of very good quality and would give you company for life, although they are expensive but are worth buying. Easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a brush.

People can also take the lederhosen on rent and wear it in different festivals like Oktoberfest.

Lederhosen are worn in Bavarian celebrations around the world, the women’s collection includes, the denim beer maid, Gretchen beer, elegant beer maid, Oktober Fraulein, pretty floral, and much more.

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