Men’s Lederhosen and Where You Can Wear Them- Part 2

Men’s Lederhosen and Where You Can Wear Them- Part 2

To understand this article, here’s a recap of our last post: We told you what lederhosen are and where you can wear them, precisely the top events in Germany where it is completely normal to get your German lederhosen on.

For this week’s edition, we will continue our journey into the various festivals where and why you can wear your men’s lederhosen.

1. Cannstatter Volksfest

Similar to Oktoberfest, this family-friendly event starts in late September at Stuttgart each year and lasts for about 3 weeks in total. As the most popular festival of the city, it kicks off with a street parade which usually consists of horse-wagons carrying barrels of beers and performers dressed in as you could guess- their traditional German lederhosen and dirndl dress.

The festival also consists of Ferris wheels, roller coasters, and haunted houses, perfect entertainment if you have children. You can also find a variety of beer stalls which is a popular feature in German festivals.

2. Wurstmarkt

Happening on the 1st and 3rd of September in the town of Bad Dürkheim, the Wurstmarkt attracts up to 500,000 attendees annually celebrating Germany’s most popular street food which is wine and wurst.

The reason why men prefer to wear men’s lederhosen for this event is so that they can enjoy the event without worrying about what gets on their clothes. Lederhosen are very easy to clean and maintain. Due to its leather material, any kind of stain can be easily removed later.

3. Berlinale Film Festival

This festival showcases over 400 films across various genres and categories. Happening in the heart of Berlin, this is a relatively new event that celebrates the German film industry and is considered one of the largest international film festivals in the world.

Perhaps if you are lucky enough to attend one, don’t hold back from showcasing your favorite pair of lederhosen. This is because, in recent fashion, you can find men’s lederhosen in many colors and designs with impressive embroidery integrated into the attire.

Nex to the Oktoberfest men costumes, the Berlinale Film Festival is the most popular association with German culture and representation.

4. Weihnachtsmarkt

Pronounced Wei-h-nachts-markt is one of the most exciting events of the winter season happening in Berlin. This occasion is more about the display of Christmas and new year’s decorations and happens across various locations in the city. 

Locals and tourists are attracted through foods, games and handicraft stalls, and also beautiful decorations you can use as souvenirs if you have the chance to visit during the winters.

5. Rhein Flammen

Translated to ‘The Rhine in Flames’ happens each year at the banks of the Rhine. It consists of a firework show, illuminated ships, and musical evenings. It usually takes place throughout the summers.

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