Oktoberfest Hats & German Alpine Hats

Oktoberfest Costume:

When we talk of Oktoberfest costume it is essential to complement it with the right Alpine hat as no Oktoberfest men outfits are complete without the German-style Alpine hat. As impressive as its name, this hat has been created by taking inspiration from the Tyrolean region. The name and shape are created on the theme of the Alps of the region in the early 19th century. There is a deep historical background that makes these caps more valuable. It was the tradition of that time that the top of the hat should be tapered to a point in the front and usually created from green felt.

The hat was popularly worn by the hunters of that time that lived in the area of Tyrol. The brushes that are also known as games art on the hat were the symbol of fashion in that era. Gams Bart is the hair from mountain goats’ lower neck and hunters used to decorate the hat with it as the symbol of hunting trophies. It also depicted the hunting skills, as a wider brush meant a better hunter. In those times the brushes were normally dark brown in color with white tips and were fixed on the base with a pin.

The uniqueness of Alpine Hat:

In today’s modern world the Alpine hat is popular due to the uniqueness of its design and historically rich background. It is the symbol of style and the icon of Germans hunting traditions. Now the diversity can be seen in the styles which have evolved from time to time in order to keep it in fashion. It has a band wrapped around its base to give it a gentle look and is decorated with the feather to add the touch of class and style with the brim roughly four to five inches in width. The addition of feathers gives it a real classy and vintage elegance.

Quality of the Hat:

There is another popular tradition regarding Oktoberfest hats and that is adorning them with traditional pins. These pins are collected from special places and cities and carry some specialty and later can be saved as a souvenir of the Oktoberfest as a reminder of the memorable celebration.  While selecting your Oktoberfest costume, an Alpine hat can be the real deal to give a traditional finish to your look. The quality of the cap can be a game-changer for the overall appearance. So, if you are looking for real fun on Oktoberfest, while wearing a traditional dirndl or lederhosen, and want to stand out from the rest make sure to invest in the right quality and product.

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