Oktoberfest: Enjoy more, spend less

Munich’s most popular festival tradition starts around mid of September every year and lasts till the first weekend of October. It is recommended to reach there by September before it gets crowded as a huge number of people all around the world start arriving in late September. However, it does not matter much when you are all set for a lifetime experience.

Once you reach the destination and are all geared up for fun, there are chances that you may end up spending a lot more than you planned especially if you are visiting for the first time. There are some simple tips that can actually be very handy to enjoy your trip without spending a lot.

Prefer hostels over hotels:

During the peak time of the festival, you will have ample options where you can actually find decent hostels in the city. Many of them offer private rooms at an affordable price. Some hostels actually meet up the standard of large city two-start hotels by providing great ambiance, cleanliness, and satisfactory services at cheap prices.

Scoring deals on lederhosen and dirndls:

The costume you will buy for the festival will be a souvenir that will last a lifetime but in order to stay on a budget look for the best deals available around the season. To grab pocket-friendly lederhosen and dirndls you can try lederhosen for sale. You can get a full outfit that can be as low as $99.

Stay local and cheap during Oktoberfest:

If your trip is exclusively planned for Oktoberfest, it is not a good idea to stay far from the location of the festival. The festival is celebrated at S-Bahn station Hackerbrucke. If you are planning to stay downtown it is not an ideal location as it may take a few stops to reach the festival. It is much preferable to stay at Laim or Hirschgarten which comes in the neighborhood of the festival with a breathtaking view.

Metro trains are the best way:

The option of a taxi may seem convenient, but it is most likely that you will miss the fun part and will end up spending more. If you want to make your traveling fun, try metro trains at S-Bahn and U-Bahn. Along with the fun part it offers quick and efficient traveling. The festival ends normally around 11 pm at night so the metros are running for an extra hour or more to facilitate the visitors. Metro trains have a good package to offer that is around €16.80 for a three-day travel ticket. To choose the perfect guide you can look up an online guide to using public transport.